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Consolation Beats High Temperature & Typhoon
From July 20th to 30th, on behalf of Ningshing Holdings’ Board of Directors, Senior Management Team, Company Party Committee and Labor Union, the major administrative personnel, namely Chairman Wu Yigang, Vice Chairman, Party Secretary Gao Ping, President Huang Yongzeng, and Executive Vice President Tan Zhengguo, successively visited Ubay Logistics, Ningshing Tank Terminal, Ningshing Precision Machinery Group, Yoyou Feed, Ningbo Sunflower Shading Equipmen, SINOMACH Ningshing Automobile and Ningshing Ship Building & Repairing, expressed solicitude to the front-line employees who stuck to their posts, worked hard in intense heat and fought with typhoon In-fa.All the visiting memebers inspected the factory building, operation workshop and operation site, carefully inspected the working environment of employees, inquired about the safety production situation and the high temperature prevention measures in detail, and carefully cared for the physical condition of employees. During the visit at Ningshing Ship Building & Repairing, Mr. Wu fully affirmed the actions and measures which the company took during the severe typhoon to protect the safety of employees and property. Everyone said that they would continue to fight with the hot summer with practical actions, fulfil their duties, make persistent efforts, and strive towards the annual goal with healthy body and full energy, so as to contribute to the high-quality development of Ningshing.
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