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            Ningshing's Charity Edu-Aid Shined Children's Smile on This Special Day
            On June 1st, Ningshing Holdings Youth League Committee organized a delegation of 5 youth representatives to visit Baifeng Primary School of Beilun, one of the aid recipients of the Ningshing Edu-Aid Project, to celebrate the Children's Day with teachers and students together, meanwhile they extended the company's support and festival blessings, and presented study supplies to the school.In compliance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, this year's Baifeng Primary School Children's Day Show was broadcast over a cloud sharing. All the teachers and students enjoyed the pre-recorded performances that were presented through a screen projection in the classroom. The school history museum shared wonderful moments reviewing Ningshing's 25-year Edu-Aid.Ningshing Holdings and Baifeng Primary School have had a profound relationship for more than 20 years. The company had contributed millions of CNY to Ningshing Shangyang Primary School which incorporated into Baifeng Primary School several years ago. Over the years, in cooperation with Baifeng Primary School, the company had set up "Ningshing Scholarship" to support the students, organized youth representatives from the League members to visit Baifeng Primary School every year and participate in the Celebration of Children's Day.Charity assistance was one of the important parts of the corporate culture construction of "Love Ningshing and Walk Together". This happy festival was a moment of celebration not only for the children but also for all Ningshing staffs who also share the same childlike innocence and dreams!
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